Dear visitors, YOWLI BURUNDI (Young Women's Knowledge and Leadership Institute Burundi) extends her warm welcome to you as a visitor of its website. This website was created to respond to the growing earnest desire to share our permanent presence to our partners and to all of you -- visitors from worldwide. This website will lead you where you want to reach: you will grasp what YOWLI BURUNDI is, our mission, our beneficiaries, our realizations together with our ongoing and forthcoming projects. At a glance, you will be able to explore and experience how youths are capable to serve as equal partners, activists and stakeholders in the achievement of the sustainable development. A quick reminder, as the name reads, we are gender-sensitive!

On behalf of YOWLI BURUNDI, I wish you a pleasant moment visiting us. With no doubt; our involvement, commitment, our work and our vision will exceed your habitual expectations. Find us on Facebook, Twitter, Blog1, Blog2, Blog3. Thank you!

Ms. Petronie Nyawenda | Legal Representative



 YOWLI BURUNDI is a youth-led and a youth-focused Initiative aiming the promotion of global health of Burundians. Our main motto is the use of youth as the engine of the change while promoting their leadership, with a particular focus on young women’s leadership. It is a platform of proactive young people who feel their own responsibility to bring a positive change within the communities that they live in...

What are our Values

YOWLI BURUNDI activities are conducted under the light of the Charter of the National Unity of Burundi (no discrimination in any form whatsoever)
YOWLI BURUNDI wants human dignity to its beneficiaries based on good physical and mental health
YOWLI BURUNDI puts great importance to the work done in synergy with other actors.