International Women’s Day 2023 celebrations

YOWLI BURUNDI celebrated the International Women's rights Day (IWD 2023) together with its beneficiaries, thanks to the support from the African Women’s Development Fund (AWDF).

A workshop on the Power of Learning

YOWLI BURUNDI participated in a two days workshop on « the power of learning programme » organized by the netherland Ambassy from 24th to 25th of January 2023.

Femmes Unies pour la Paix visit YOWLI Burundi

YOWLI BURUNDI is grateful for the visit of two delagates from « Femmes Unies pour la Paix » (FUP).

A technical session of the Ministry of Labour (...) on 'Domestic Work'

On April 21st 2022, the Ministry of Lqbour organised a technical session to draft the text of laws on domestic work and informal sector. In his speach, the Minister indicated that the above stated domestic law lays out principles that protect both domestic employees and employers. From today going forward, domestic workers will have regulatory texts that protect them and encourage employers or heads of households to be pay for insurance and social protection, for instance. Already, the Minister reminded that informal sector constitutes more than 90% of labour market in Burundi. Most importantly, there shall exist 'contracts' that establish liaibility between employers and employees. For more details, click here.





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