HIV/AIDS and other STIs


Since the civil war of 1993, sexuality related challenges have become a doom over the years, especially in the refugee and displaced people camps where adolescents are exposed to sexual vagabondage. This state yielded negative consequences such as the increasing rates of HIV contamination and other STIs, undesired pregnancies, etc. The above consequences obliged our nongovernmental, humanitarian and volunteer organization, YOWLI BURUNDI, to include HIV/AIDS and other STIs in its priorities.


Awareness of young people of a given issue is the best prevention or limiting consequences weapon. YOWLI Burundi has known that they would reach great results and then getting peer literate as ambassadors on HIV/AIDS and others STI through addressing its action towards Universities and secondary school. That part of population is very sexually active and highly exposed to unsafe sexual practice. Promoting responsible sexuality and safe sex by abstinence, use of condoms…

Now YOWLI Burundi is sensitizing in Universities on HIV/AIDS and promoting use of condoms by wide spreading them and then makes them available in university residency holes. We plan to intervene in that domain through the following actions:


1) To provide young condoms (male and female) in sufficient quantity to protect themselves against HIV and other STIs;

2) Conduct awareness campaigns on voluntary testing in the population in general and in secondary schools and universities in particular;

3) Develop partnerships between YOWLI BURUNDI and testing centers to book a complete package of services to their target including screening component in their strategic plan;

4) Promote the testimony of infected and / or affected by HIV and other STIs people

5) Showing movies on HIV / AIDS and other STIs

6) Make the role-play on HIV / AIDS and other STIs (Theatre and Sketches)

7) Make games (team games) on HIV / AIDS and other STIs;

8) Installation of billboards encouraging voluntary testing and safe responsible behavior towards HIV / AIDS and other STIs.


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