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Action2015 project - CIVICUS

In 2015, YOWLI BURUNDI led the national SDGs campaign. YOWLI BURUNDI engaged a wide network of organizations and movements: GCAP Burundi, Via volonté, CERDES, PHM Burundi, UNIPROBA, IJPDH, YIPHR, UNESCO, The Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Youth, Ministry of Gender, Ministry of Solidarity, Ministry of Interior, UNPFA, UNDP, IGBM, Mayor of Bujumbura, Communal administrative authorities, ASII, UJPD, Synergie des enfants en situation de travail, SEITE IWACU IBA, JVDS, APF, APJ, FIMA, STUDIO IJAMBO, IAIA, AVOCHACLISD, AVEPVA, AJEC, UJED, Association d’Amitié, Action for Peace and Development, African Alliance of Green Communicators, Burundi Child Rights Coalition, AJAP Africaine, RNJ+ Burundi, FUCOS Burundi, Union de Jeunes pour la Paix et le Dévéloppement and Youth Movement for Development. The action/2015 multi-partnership helped to enhance and strengthen the campaign. All the parties were involved in mobilization, awareness and advocacy.

African Women's Development Fund (AWDF) project

African Women's Development Fund (AWDF) project

YOWLI BURUNDI received US dollar 68,000.00 funding from AWDF to implement a gender-focused project in 2020.

Overall objectives:

  • To advocate for a change in the social norm that normalises the exploitation of domestic workers especially the violation of the rights of female children domestic workers. The project will also advocate for the ratification of Convention 189 on decent work for domestic workers, a convention that provides the basis for providing guidelines and frameworks for promoting the rights of women domestic workers. Specific project activities will include media campaigns; training of key stakeholders and engagement with duty bearers to ensure the implementation of laws that protect children including children domestic workers;
  • The Capacity building funds is to be used as per the agreed capacity building plan for your organisation.

Domestic workers are protected by C189 Convention of the ILO

Video available here

Sonia is a young girl aged 13, domestic worker. Mama Fifi is the mistress, boss of Sonia. Peace is a neighbour woman, John lives in the same city. 

Sonia: M'em, I am sorry, I am sorry. Do not chase me out this late, and unpaid. I have no where to go this time. Remember I am from the countryside ...

Mama Fifi: (rudely) My words are final, just leave!

Peace: Mama Fifi, this cannot be! You cannot chase your domestic worker, such a young girl, this late and unpaid! No, no, no!

John: This has to stop! There is an international convention by ILO; C189 Convention, which countries including Burundi signed, that protects domestic workers! YOWLI BURUNDI, under financial support of AWDF are tirelessly working to promote domestic workers' rights! 

Economic empowerment of 53 young women from the indigenous population (Batwa)

Economic empowerment of 53 young women from the indigenous population (Batwa)

Under financial and technical support by The International Land Coalition and PROCASUR, YOWLI BURUNDI implemented a project to economically empower 53 young women from the indigenous communities of northern Burundi. For more, read here

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